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{break from reality} the story of a foodie date

August 17, 2010

{Shake Burger & Cheese Fries August 7, 2010)

Living in Food Allergy Land 24/7 can be tough on normal food cravings and on a relationship.

Charles & I are on the bumpy path to becoming accustom to all the foods that we no longer eat either in our house or out in the world while around Miles. We have adapted our recipes, our refrigerator, our pantry, our way of life. But what is still very hard for us is the lack of eating out. I’m not going to lie, oh how we miss thee Hatties, Ravenous, Grey Gelding, Cupcake Lab, any and all ice cream shops. In addition, we can never rely on take-out for those really hectic days, mostly Wednesdays, the one day a week I work outside the home. Sometimes you just want someone else to do the cooking and to bring it home all hot and steamy…Ohhhh some Thai or pizza or Mexican.

I know what you’re wondering. Why can’t Miles eat something else while you enjoy some take-out?

See, we’re in a catch-22 situation. We are trying to raise Miles to eat whatever we are eating as I personally don’t believe in “kid specific food” AND because he has so many limitations we can’t breed a picky eater. We are attempting to foster a broad palette, with Miles exploring complex flavor profiles, just like we do. Thai night, Korean night, Mexican night…see a theme here?  He eats what we eat 24/7. He might have the ingredients in a different format- such as burritos for us, spicy pile of mush for Miles. Since we have fostered this environment, Miles won’t stand for different food from us at mealtimes. Oops! So my approach has created a catch-22. My son is not a picky eater, yet, AND is very aware of everyone’s plate. Add in Miles severe contact sensitivity and we have a no-go on restaurants and take out. The national chain, Chipotle, and the most fabulous local joint 50 South (thank you Kim!) are the exceptions- both of which are extremely food allergy and Celiac’s Disease friendly. Much more on in a future post….I digress.

When my parents offered to babysit Miles for our 2nd wedding anniversary (we’re a 080808 couple, married for $25 at NYC City Hall) Charles & I jumped at the chance to go on an unhealthy foodie date! I knew exactly where I wanted to go; Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack & Blue Smoke, at the Saratoga Race Course. When news broke that these two NYC foodie institutions were planting themselves at the Track for the season, I jumped for joy! I had dreamed about eating at these establishments in Manhattan, but we can’t. In addition, Charles had never been to the track, and I haven’t been since I was about ten, so it was a bonus to see what all the hubbub is about.

{The Post. #8 was everywhere}

Depending on how you look at it, we live a couple miles away from a tourist town six weeks a year Saratoga Springs, NY. The food, the shopping, the Adirondacks, Lake George, the Track are all very popular places to be seen by the droves of people who continually visit year after year during the month of August.

A day before our 2nd wedding anniversary Charles & I ventured to the Track with excitement that I can only describe as child-like. The moment we got there we asked a woman at the “May I Help You” stand to tell us the quickest way to our Oz. After giving us a map we were off for a greasy, cheesy, meaty bonanza that was perfect in every way. The restaurants are located at The Post, where the trainers, owners and jockeys meet before their race. There is also a large bar under a striped circus-like tent – a very adult section and we were thrilled- we could eat, drink, be merry and watch the pre-race excitement. Since we were not interested in the races themselves, the location was ideal.

Our multiple course meal included Blue Smoke’s Ribs and their chocolate jalapeno and salty peanut chocolate bar and Shake Shack’s Shack Burger, Cheese Fries, Black & White Shake and their Shack-cago hot dog. Please note: We split everything 50/50 and yes that still is A LOT of calories/fat so we parked really far away to walk it off- ha ha ha.

We found out some interesting information about Shake Shack. They carefully source all their ingredients from a specific vendor; so their tomatoes comes from one farm, ect. In addition, they have a gluten-free menu and Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg produces a special beer just for the chain.

Once finished we walked around to see our other favorite food joints. Local favorite Hattie’s restaurant and “Restaurant Row” which featured local establishments Cantina, Grey Gelding and Putnam Market. Lastly, we blindly bet 8 dollars on the 8th horse, in the 8th race to place. (horse came in 4th!!!)

{If you look closely you will see a jockey post-race heading to the Jockey Room}

After the track we finished our day with a late afternoon large coffee, a quick nap and a scrub-down of our hands and face (to prevent contact reaction) at a downtown cafe before returning home to Miles. Ahhhhhhh…now back to reality.

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  1. Kyla permalink
    August 17, 2010 10:14 pm

    What a great gift for you guys! Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Robyn permalink
    August 17, 2010 10:59 pm

    I haven’t enjoyed reading an article like that in a long while. Was it the food? The locale? The writing? The pics? All of the above.

  3. Chuckers permalink
    August 17, 2010 11:24 pm

    It was a great afternoon. Thanks for setting it up, Chris. Great idea!

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