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There is a First Time for Everything

September 1, 2010

{NOTE: I wrote this post hours after arriving to our vacation location. I had internet connection issues and decided to take the entire 7 days off and then some.}

It is. In a way. Our first time.

We are traveling on vacation for the first time since Miles’ multiple diagnosis in January 2010. A few hours ago we arrived in Brooklyn, NY, home away from home. I lived here for close to eight years back in the 1990’s and early 2000′, so I have a fair amount of friends here. Dear friends in fact. Friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I miss them and sometimes, especially on hard days when Miles has mystery hives or has shut down because he doesn’t feel well, I dream about moving our family to Brooklyn. Why? Because I have always felt at home in Brooklyn, oh and, its easy and comforting to romanticized about the idea. “Its better on the other side” kind of thinking. I have always seen Brooklyn like a small town of sorts, with its small artisan shops and flea markets, playgrounds, public pools and beautiful tree-lined residential streets. Plus, community is strongly shaped when you have to walk everywhere and not live in your car.

How did we score a vacation in one of the most expensive cities in the country? Well, we were lucky when one of my closest friends, and I mean close, we speak on the phone every two weeks without fail even through sleepless nights and long days at work, offered her apartment while she visits family on the west coast. Really? I asked. What a dream come true. A lovely brownstone apartment in a beautiful part of the city with a kitchen, a kid’s bedroom and toys toys toys!!!! I scooped up the offer before she could finish her sentence.

Honestly, just going to a playdate can cause 30 minutes of planning, so I’d been very weary of even attempting traveling with Miles until he’s just a little older, like next summer. Traveling is stressful for all families, with lots of planning and packing and packing and packing, but for us, its on a whole new level of strategic planning. To travel safety I need a kitchen, as from past posts you know I need to make all his food, for now. Its chop chop chop saute saute saute cook cook cook scrub scrub scrub and repeat, everyday. In addition, I have to make sure I leave the house with more than my usual two Epi Pens Jrs., for backups of the backups, and all his asthma gear which in itself could be an entire carry-on on a flight. Plus we need special body soap and lotion and laundry detergent for his very sensitive eczema-prone skin. Oh, and we need to bring all his own crib sheets and towels due to the same skin issue. Oh and I better not forget the regular stuff; night diapers, the wipes, daytime diapers, the stroller…….

Oh and since we’ll be on a vacation, I too wanted a little bit of a break from the routine so I started cooking and baking for this trip earlier in the week. Monday afternoon to be exact. Allergy & Gluten-free waffles, “Sunbutter” nutty bars, granola, risotto, quinoa & local lamb loaf, red sauce, yellow cake cupcakes and chocolate frosting for my mom’s birthday, and flax raisin carrot muffins. Oh yeah, you read that right, the list contained a birthday desert. My parents are taking a mini-vacation to Brooklyn for three days to be with us, really to hang with Miles, and one of those days will be my mom’s birthday. So we are going to dinner at a very allergy-friendly restaurant for the occasion, Blue Ribbon Brooklyn, recommended by Brooklyn Allergy Mom. To hammer the point home, this will be our first dinner in a restaurant as a family ever.

I know this part will make people chuckle, especially the veteran food allergy parents, but I did a ton of grocery shopping too. Rice pastas, hemp milk, rice cakes, Enjoy Life snack bars, cereals, pancake mix, grits, sandwich bread…oh the list goes on. Our Mazda 5 had more food in it than anything else. Its the story of our life, food rules our lives everyday.

This trip will have its challenges but I don’t want to list them. I don’t even want to think about them until the moment arrises when I have to think a few hours ahead and pack and plan accordingly. If I dwell on “what ifs” too far in advance I might just pack the car, get Miles outta of the pack-n-play and drive home. Back to our safety cocoon. And that’s not good for anyone. Especially me. I need this week for me, to rekindle and reenergize. Go us.

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  1. September 1, 2010 10:10 am

    This is exactly why I didn’t fly out east to visit my parents this summer. It is WAY easier for them to come to me… and not have a scary attack 30,000 feet in the air. And what if there were flight delays… arrgh. There were way too many ‘what ifs’. I got the guilt trip from my dad. He doesn’t understand.

    Go you, cooking in advance and being super prepared. That is a ton of work for a “vacation”!!

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